As we have announced that we have successfully migrated our new smart contract, so people can swap Pie tokens on the old contract with the new one.

We will provide complete information in this article how to swap a new Pie ​​token contract.

Before doing a swap, make sure your wallet has a minimum of 1000 pie tokens. As we announced in the previous article, people can swap at least 1000 Pie tokens.

If people send that less than 1000 Pie tokens then we will treat it as a donation and make sure you read this article before swapping.


The first step you have to do is download the Safepal wallet application here

The first step you have to do, go to myetherwallet

You can create a new wallet or use an existing wallet address, for example, the ETH wallet address you normally use for ETH transactions or ETH tokens using myetherwallet.

You can use your ETH wallet address on the binance smart chain network and even use the same private key, please enter myetherwallet.

You will see your ETH wallet even the amount of ETH you have, but you can change it for the binance smart chain network.

You can choose Change in the image below.

The first step you have to do is have a wallet using Metamask.
Download it here using your browser, keep a good backup and create a strong enough password for your metamask wallet. Please reopen your wallet in your browser.

You have to make settings to change the Ethereum Mainnet network to the Binance Smart Chain network, see the picture below.

The first step you have to do is to have a trustwallet wallet by downloading it here

If you already have a trust wallet, make sure you have multiple BNBs on the smart chain network. You can buy them on cryptocurrency trading sites.

Open your TrustWallet wallet and look at the picture below,
if you don’t find the BNB smart chain you can follow the picture below.

We know that taking the decision to stop the free distribution of Pie tokens will probably upset some people.

But we have prepared this to replace Pie Network free distribution with another new token which has the same concept as Pie Network, so people can claim our 4 new tokens for free and mine them for Pie Network.

We want to continue to encourage new people to come to our project, so that more communities will continue to provide support for us in the future. …

As we know we will burn some of our supply in early Q2 to be exact next month, this is contrary to what actually happened.

Our smart contracts don’t actually print the 16 million existing supplies so if we burn through our smart contracts it will burn around 5 million Pies available and already printed.

Many people don’t understand our smart contracts so we have to explain it many times.

In the Pie token smart contract only 5 million are available, but people assume that we hold 16 million Pie tokens.

Whereas the smart contract system we created is anyone…

We regret that we will stop the free distribution of our smart contracts, in order to prevent people from throwing away our Tokens cheaply.

Those who have claimed free Pie token in the beginning to date have nearly 70k unique wallet addresses holding Pie tokens and hope it will grow even more in the future.

We may violate the goals of our project, but we are taking this decision for a better future for Pie token holders.
So we decided to stop this free distribution on 25 February.

So anyone can claim free Pie tokens in the next few days…

A few days ago we opened our second farming website, you can farm using Cake-LP token or Pie token.

You can read the tutorial here on Farming and how to get Cake-LP tokens.

You can visit our website to farm and stake Cake-Lp tokens to get around 200k Pie tokens within 60 days.

You can visit our website to farm Pie token to get Pie token around 100k Pie within 60 days.

Keep in mind that this event is for our first farm testing before we add many wallets for future use.

We are holding this event only…

pie network

Claim your token with Pie

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