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We have given so much time to encourage people to migrate and swap to new contracts. As was our schedule in Q4 to close this migration event, but we made it faster considering the current bad market conditions so we’ll have to tweak the roadmap a bit in the future as well.

There are around 2 million Pie tokens that we will burn from migration and swap funds so that from our total supply of around 5 million, only 3 million will be available later.

We hope that this small supply can make it valuable in the future. Of course…

The first step you have to do is download the Safepal wallet application here https://www.safepal.io/download

The first step you have to do, go to myetherwallet

You can create a new wallet or use an existing wallet address, for example, the ETH wallet address you normally use for ETH transactions or ETH tokens using myetherwallet.

You can use your ETH wallet address on the binance smart chain network and even use the same private key, please enter myetherwallet.

You will see your ETH wallet even the amount of ETH you have, but you can change it for the binance smart chain network.

You can choose Change in the image below.

The first step you have to do is have a wallet using Metamask.
Download it here https://metamask.io/download.html using your browser, keep a good backup and create a strong enough password for your metamask wallet. Please reopen your wallet in your browser.

You have to make settings to change the Ethereum Mainnet network to the Binance Smart Chain network, see the picture below.

The first step you have to do is to have a trustwallet wallet by downloading it here https://trustwallet.com/

If you already have a trust wallet, make sure you have multiple BNBs on the smart chain network. You can buy them on cryptocurrency trading sites.

Open your TrustWallet wallet and look at the picture below,
if you don’t find the BNB smart chain you can follow the picture below.

We are aware that our work is very slow and we have explained everything about the state of our project before, we are giving away Pie tokens for free, it did not push many big investors into this project, but we believe that a strong community will bring many investors in the future for this project

We work by promoting Pie network everywhere and other work using the funds we have, once again reminding that we do not have enough funds for further development without community support


We closed the presale and did not hold any other private or…

We believe that big community will make this project even bigger, we released Pie network also on polygon matic network and everyone who has a wallet with Polygon network support can claim our tokens for free

We hope that the Pie Network on the Polygon network will be able to attract many communities and support our project to grow big. Our hope is that the new community will be able to help us mine mPie tokens so that the supply can continue to grow and circulate

Cheaper transaction fees and fast transactions on the Polygon network made us interested in…

We would like to thank the community who still support the Pie Network project to this day and believe that this project will live on for some time to come, all because of your support and trust in us who continue to work hard for the Pie Network.

We know that this project is still quite young and it will take time to start something great in the future to give the best to the Pie Network community, since the very beginning we released Pie by giving free Pie tokens to all wallet users who use Binance Smart Chain


We know that taking the decision to stop the free distribution of Pie tokens will probably upset some people.

But we have prepared this to replace Pie Network free distribution with another new token which has the same concept as Pie Network, so people can claim our 4 new tokens for free and mine them for Pie Network.

We want to continue to encourage new people to come to our project, so that more communities will continue to provide support for us in the future. …

As we have announced that we have successfully migrated our new smart contract, so people can swap Pie tokens on the old contract with the new one.

We will provide complete information in this article how to swap a new Pie ​​token contract.

Before doing a swap, make sure your wallet has a minimum of 1000 pie tokens. As we announced in the previous article, people can swap at least 1000 Pie tokens.

If people send that less than 1000 Pie tokens then we will treat it as a donation and make sure you read this article before swapping.


pie network

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