Distribution of Pie Tokens.

We come with the latest news about Pie token. We are excited to be part of the binance smart chain where we believe that the BNB network has a great future and is the next the best.

As ETH has grown rapidly to date, we saw a current situation where ETH has very high transaction gas fees, so we decided to go on a binance smart chain network.

We started free distributing our tokens via smart contracts as a small cake to the entire binance smart chain community a few days ago.

We also want to thank the enthusiasm of the community that has become part of us by claiming free tokens via Pie Network smart contracts.

We are still at the beginning of our work to give the best for the binance smart chain community, and ensure that our tokens are distributed properly.

We will provide details about the supply of Pie tokens as well as the premine amount of around 3 million Pie tokens.

The total supply of Pie tokens is 21 million, 18 million Pie tokens will be distributed by our smart contracts to all the binance smart chain community, and 3 million Pie tokens premine will be distributed as follows.

  • 18,000,000 Pie tokens will be distributed via our smart contracts across the binance smart chain community.

Pie Network distribution wallet address :

Smart Contract :
18,000,000 Pie tokens
Rewards for Holders :
1,312,000 Pie tokens
Airdrop and Bounty :
188,000 Pie tokens
Dex or Cex Exchange :
1,000,000 Pie tokens
Development :
500,000 Pie tokens

We will explain how we distribute the prizes to our token holders, where the amount of 1,312,000 Pie tokens will be distributed to our top 250 token holders.
You can see the number of Pie token rewards that you get for each of your claims.


Claiming Pie tokens starts at around 30 Pie tokens, and every new person who will claim for free will continue to reduce the number of tokens distributed to 0 Pie.

When the claim reward touches the number 20 Pie tokens from the Pie Network smart contract, we will distribute the rewards for the top 250 Pie token holders with the following calculation.

  1. Claim reward 20 Pie tokens — If the Pie Network smart contract claim reward becomes 20 we will distribute around 375k Pie tokens for our top 250 token holders.

Below is a brief calculation of the distribution for our token holders :

  • Claim Reward 20–375k Pie tokens

We believe that the above distribution system is good enough for the long term, so we have time to develop our project well in the future.

Pie token is still very early to develop faster, but we are very happy because until now many people came to claim our free Pie token through smart contracts and it makes us more excited to run this project.

We will provide more news soon in the next 1 or 2 weeks, so don’t forget to share about us with your friends.

Be the first to claim our free Pie token via smart contract, you can see the tutorial below.

Stay with us, have a nice day.

Claim your token with Pie