Free distribution of Pie tokens will be stopped

We regret that we will stop the free distribution of our smart contracts, in order to prevent people from throwing away our Tokens cheaply.

Those who have claimed free Pie token in the beginning to date have nearly 70k unique wallet addresses holding Pie tokens and hope it will grow even more in the future.

We may violate the goals of our project, but we are taking this decision for a better future for Pie token holders.
So we decided to stop this free distribution on 25 February.

So anyone can claim free Pie tokens in the next few days, please have a look at our road map here.

You can see where the timetable on our roadmap for stopping this free distribution will take place in Q2.

But in the end we chose to stop that sooner than our roadmap for a reason preventing people from throwing away cheap Pie tokens.
So there is an opportunity for new users to claim it in the next few days.

The current circulating supply is only around 5 million Pie tokens and the remaining 16 million Pie tokens will be frozen or burned on our smart contracts.

When we start stopping our free distribution on February 25th, our supply is not 21 million pie tokens but only about 5 million Pie tokens in circulation.
And anyone who holds Pie token up to Q4 can swap our main PieSwapToken token.

Pie Swap Token will be released when we release our dex exchange, so hold your Pie token in your bag until Q4 and you can swap Pie token with Pie Swap Token.

Other Important Announcements :

Funds for the distribution of the top 250 holders will go to farms and other events, so thank you to all the communities who have supported us so far.

It’s time to grow up with all of you!

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