Get FFPie, SFPie, BFPie, and EFPie Free Tokens from Pie Network

We know that taking the decision to stop the free distribution of Pie tokens will probably upset some people.

But we have prepared this to replace Pie Network free distribution with another new token which has the same concept as Pie Network, so people can claim our 4 new tokens for free and mine them for Pie Network.

We want to continue to encourage new people to come to our project, so that more communities will continue to provide support for us in the future.
The advantage of claiming our free tokens will help people get Pie tokens by farming later using our 4 tokens.

It is our hope and all of us that the Pie Network project has a strong and large community growth in the future.

Let’s see how people can get it.

You can see the tutorial below, how to claim our tokens has the same thing as before, people claimed free Pie tokens.

We are releasing 4 new tokens of which are

1. Flour For Pie — FFPie Total supply is 1 Billion
2. Sugar For Pie — SFPie Total supply is 100 million
3. Butter For Pie — BFPie Total supply is 10 million
4. Egg For Pie — EFPie Total supply is 1 million

Overall, all of our supply is premised 10% to fund future development, you can claim the free Tokens by simply sending 0 BNB to a wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain network.

You can use Metamask, Trustwallet or Safepal to claim our free tokens, only by sending 0 BNB then you will get 4 tokens, you can send 0 BNB at the contract address below.

You will get our 4 Tokens automatically and for free. Each wallet address can only claim 1x and no more, the more people who claim the token, the income will continue to decrease.

Be the first to claim our free tokens, and you can use all 4 of our tokens to get Pie tokens from the next farm event.

Warning to everyone before making a claim for our free tokens, make sure to send 0 BNB.
If you send some BNB it will be treated as a donation to buy back our tokens in the future.

Grab our free token now and hold your Pie token, lots of surprises to come for all communities in the near future!

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