How to Claim Free Pie Tokens using MyEtherWallet

The first step you have to do, go to myetherwallet

You can create a new wallet or use an existing wallet address, for example, the ETH wallet address you normally use for ETH transactions or ETH tokens using myetherwallet.

You can use your ETH wallet address on the binance smart chain network and even use the same private key, please enter myetherwallet.

You will see your ETH wallet even the amount of ETH you have, but you can change it for the binance smart chain network.

You can choose Change in the image below.

You will see several networks that you can find there, then you can select binance smart chain or BSC.

If you have selected the Binance Smart Chain BSC network, you will see something like this.

You can claim your free Pie token now and don’t forget to make sure to have multiple BNB Smart Chains.

You need to go ahead and hit the Send button.

  1. Amount: Please fill in the number 0 BNB, if you send some BNB we will treat it as a donation
  2. To Address: fill in our smart contract wallet address with this address :

Flour For Pie (FFPie) 0x824cb25d1dfd54b9d3d7215a4e7bd199d22726d8

Sugar For Pie (SFPie) 0xadd081ce495044225b4c5b864dffdc478e65f3ed

Butter For Pie (BFPie) 0x3c515e23e026e838046c73430fc0baa1740a12b7

Egg For Pie (EFPie) 0x0a401bf89296b676314114b3cc61e45882765e8f

3. Edit for fee: select transaction speed and manually enter 5 or 10 Gwei

4. Check for Data & Gas Limit

5. Gas Limit fill with 150000

If it is quite correct, you can continue by pressing the Send Transaction Confirm And Send button.

Wait until your transaction is confirmed by the smart chain network, if it is successful you will get a notification that you got some Pie tokens.

Congratulations on getting your Pie token.
You can hold it in your wallet and become part of our token holder.
Then you will get other Pie token prizes in the future as top holders.

1 wallet address can only claim 1x free Pie token and nothing more.
So we make sure that people can claim that very fairly and are not greedy.

We have distributed on the smart chain network around 18 million Pie tokens just to give to the Binance Smart Chain community.

Note :

If you don’t see your Pie token on your MyEtherwallet, you can do the settings below, select Custom Tokens.

Fill in complete below

Token Contract Address FFPie : 0x824cb25d1dfd54b9d3d7215a4e7bd199d22726d8
Token Symbol : FFPie
Decimals : 18

Token Contract Address SFPie : 0xadd081ce495044225b4c5b864dffdc478e65f3ed
Token Symbol : SFPie
Decimals : 18

Token Contract Address BFPie : 0x3c515e23e026e838046c73430fc0baa1740a12b7
Token Symbol : BFPie
Decimals : 18

Token Contract Address EFPie : 0x0a401bf89296b676314114b3cc61e45882765e8f
Token Symbol : EFPie
Decimals : 18


You will see the number of your Pie tokens on the right.
You can do your Pie token transactions and save your Pie token properly, good luck.

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Claim your token with Pie