How to Trade Pie Tokens on the Pancakeswap Exchange

As we announced earlier that we are still at the beginning of the journey, so we have not really submitted officially to the Dex or Cex exchange lists.
Even though currently you can buy and sell Pie tokens through Pancakeswap.

Many messages we received through our twitter, so we decided to make a little tutorial buying and selling Pie tokens through pancakeswap.

Please note that we do not cover any loss or loss of your money in the following exchanges.

You can see the tutorial here too:

How to buy Pie tokens through pancakeswap.

Wait a few minutes for your transaction to be processed and you will get your Pie tokens.

How to sell Pie tokens through Pancakeswap

The method is still the same as above, it’s just that you need to change a little like the image below.

  1. Choose Pie token
  2. Choose BNB
  3. Approve Pie and Confirm
  4. Swap and Confirm

Congratulations on getting BNB in your wallet, good luck.

Claim your token with Pie

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