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Pie Network Announcement

We are still standing so far with the Pie network community, it is a really tiring job that we continue to maintain this project as best we can, we really want to continue to contribute to this project it’s just that we really don’t have the funds for further development at this time we can only sell part of our assets to the holders to fund the project in stages

Everyone needs to know that the concept of this project is free tokens for all Binance Smart Chain users but unfortunately people want something more and great coming from this project, we really welcome that and we keep working on this project

We are very grateful to the Pie token holders who are still loyally waiting for us and we appreciate that even though we are too slow to move on giving the best of our work for the above reasons we have repeatedly said that we have limited funds for the project and this is a honesty from us

Distribution for Cake-LP Pie/BNB token holders

This event will continue to take place in the next few months so we hope people will still hold on to that and continue to support this project going forward as we need to stay on track with this project

Distribution for FFPIE, SFPIE, BFPIE and EFPIE Holders

We have distributed to 150 holders every month from our Premine funds 10% of the total supply of our 4 new tokens above, we have distributed 60%, we will shift the distribution of 40% to Cake-LP Pie/BNB holders in December later and no distribution this month for 150 FFPIE, SFPIE, BFPIE and EFPIE holders

Mixer Pools

The Mixer Pool has been completed and we will update it at the beginning of next year Q1 2022 and we hope that over time will release new things for Pie Network in the future

So, you can withdraw your funds now https://pienetwork.finance/pools/history

Thank you for all the community support and we will stay here with you all.

Website : https://pienetworktoken.com/

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