Pie Network Announcement

We would like to thank the community who still support the Pie Network project to this day and believe that this project will live on for some time to come, all because of your support and trust in us who continue to work hard for the Pie Network.

We know that this project is still quite young and it will take time to start something great in the future to give the best to the Pie Network community, since the very beginning we released Pie by giving free Pie tokens to all wallet users who use Binance Smart Chain

We always remind people that we’ve never had a public sale or a private sale before so until recently we used our funds to do campaigns and other developments.

Private Sale

Everyone can support the project by being part of this project as a Pie Network token holder, we will be holding a private sale until the end of Q3 and we are holding an 800k Pie token fund for private sale

All funds will be used to list Pie on multiple exchanges and we will start a private sale at a price of $0.05 and of course we will announce it on our channel here https://t.me/network_pie


We know that this project is moving very slowly and is also hampered by funding so maybe we need to explain all this to the whole community so that it doesn’t happen again the questions we explained so often before, we will update our roadmap in the future or after the private sale until it reaches hardcap


We Premine 10% of the existing supply of our 4 free tokens, we will distribute it

  • 5% for the top 150 holders, every month around 1% will be distributed to the top 150 wallet addresses starting in next August
  • 5% for exchange to Pie Network token

We use this method to attract new community on Pie Network in the future, we also need more support from the community to share this news with all users on Binance Smart Chain who are not yet on Pie Network

All users who have a Binance Smart Chain wallet can claim our 4 free tokens here

Dex Pie Network

We will probably launch the exchange on the pienetwork.finance website once it’s really ready to release it soon and also pave the way for other projects to become partners with the Pie Network

if we have released our exchange any revenue from the transaction fees of traders who trade on pienetwork.finance will be used to buy back Pie Network tokens in the future

Pie PancakeSwap Info & Analytics

Old Pie / New Pie Exchange

We understand that many people may not have read our previous news about Swap so many people are still holding our old tokens, we provide an opportunity for them to get new Pie tokens through the exchange here

Pie Network Mixer Is Live Now

We hope to provide the best for the community, stay tuned

Website : https://pienetworktoken.com/

Don’t forget to follow us here :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/network_pie
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/network_pie
Telegram Groups : https://t.me/pietokennetwork

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