Pie Network Announcement in September

We are aware that our work is very slow and we have explained everything about the state of our project before, we are giving away Pie tokens for free, it did not push many big investors into this project, but we believe that a strong community will bring many investors in the future for this project

We work by promoting Pie network everywhere and other work using the funds we have, once again reminding that we do not have enough funds for further development without community support


We closed the presale and did not hold any other private or public sale after this, but we are continuously trying to keep this project moving forward


Top Holder Reward Distribution

We are holding the first event for the top 150 holders for our 4 free Tokens such as FFPIE, BFPIE, SFPIE and EFPIE , whoever the holder will get a reward every month, the second event is the top 50 holders of Cake LP for Pie/BNB on pancakeswap and it is distributed every month

Matic Pie Network

We have planned another plan which is to go to Matic network, Matic Pie Network is our second token from our main token, we will develop Mpie project when we get at least 50k wallet holders, so we hope all community will share information about this for people to claim free our tokens

We thank all Pie network token holders and all the communities that still support us until now, we will continue this work.

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