Pie Network is now live on Polygon

We believe that big community will make this project even bigger, we released Pie network also on polygon matic network and everyone who has a wallet with Polygon network support can claim our tokens for free

We hope that the Pie Network on the Polygon network will be able to attract many communities and support our project to grow big. Our hope is that the new community will be able to help us mine mPie tokens so that the supply can continue to grow and circulate

Cheaper transaction fees and fast transactions on the Polygon network made us interested in being here, we named our token with the Matic Pie Network with the symbol mPie and now it is live now

How to claim Matic Pie Network and mine mPie tokens

if you are a metamask user you can read here:

If you are ready you can start claiming our tokens by selecting the Polygon network in your wallet then choose to send 0 Matic to our contract address :


You will get the mPie token instantly, you can add the token manually as below

Token name : Matic Pie Network
Symbol : mPie
Decimal : 18

Notes :

If you fail make sure to change the gas limit to 150000 on your wallet, please note that each wallet can only claim once and can’t be more and it will fail so you can invite your friends to claim our tokens

If you send some Matic to our contract wallet address, we will treat it as a donation.

Each claim earns about 5 million mPie tokens and it will keep decreasing as more people claim so make sure to be the first to claim mPie tokens

Website : https://pienetworktoken.com/

Don’t forget to follow us here :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/network_pie
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/network_pie
Telegram Groups : https://t.me/pietokennetwork

Claim your token with Pie