Pie token farm has been OPEN


A few days ago we opened our second farming website, you can farm using Cake-LP token or Pie token.

You can read the tutorial here on Farming and how to get Cake-LP tokens.

You can visit our website to farm and stake Cake-Lp tokens to get around 200k Pie tokens within 60 days.

You can visit our website to farm Pie token to get Pie token around 100k Pie within 60 days.

Keep in mind that this event is for our first farm testing before we add many wallets for future use.

We are holding this event only for Metamask wallet users so we don’t provide it for trustwallet users and others, so we ask the community to wait for the next event that we will hold after this event ends after the next 60 days.

We will always help all communities whoever wants to try the metamask wallet and make sure the community is willing to follow farming safely using the metamask wallet.

We hope that the whole community understands this as we are just starting the first phase of testing this farm, so look forward to our next event and maybe we will add some more wallets.

A lot is coming and being developed by us and the team so much work is more important at this time, so we ask communities using trustwallet to be patient or try to use metamask to follow farming.

Please go and reread our road map here

If you want to buy and sell Pie tokens you can go to the tutorial below.

Pie token farming for this first event only lasts 60 days.
Be a part of us to get more Pie tokens in your bag by following our two farms that are currently in progress!

Don’t forget to follow us here :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/network_pie
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/network_pie



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