Pie Token Swap and Migration closed

We have given so much time to encourage people to migrate and swap to new contracts. As was our schedule in Q4 to close this migration event, but we made it faster considering the current bad market conditions so we’ll have to tweak the roadmap a bit in the future as well.

There are around 2 million Pie tokens that we will burn from migration and swap funds so that from our total supply of around 5 million, only 3 million will be available later.

We hope that this small supply can make it valuable in the future. Of course, there are many developments that we are currently working on to provide the best for our community.

We will close the migration and Swap event on June 5th, after which we will no longer serve people doing migrations and swaps.
The remaining funds will be burned and will be announced on our telegram channel and twitter.

We give a little more time for people to migrate and Swap from the time remaining now , learn how to migrate and Swap here.


You can see the wallet address below to see the migration and swap funds that will be burned after 5 June.
We will be open to everyone who has supported us now and in the future.


Everyone should withdraw their funds too on our old farm site. There are still many people who have not withdrawn their funds here.


If you have withdrawn the funds please go for migration and swap.

There’s a lot of work we’re doing right now and of course to do what’s best for our community, so stay tuned.

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/network_pie
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/network_pie

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