Roadmap update in Q2

As we know we will burn some of our supply in early Q2 to be exact next month, this is contrary to what actually happened.

Our smart contracts don’t actually print the 16 million existing supplies so if we burn through our smart contracts it will burn around 5 million Pies available and already printed.

Many people don’t understand our smart contracts so we have to explain it many times.

In the Pie token smart contract only 5 million are available, but people assume that we hold 16 million Pie tokens.

Whereas the smart contract system we created is anyone who claims free Pie tokens through a smart contract, then he will print a new Pie ​​token on the network so that it reaches a maximum limit of around 21 million Pie tokens.

When we stopped free distribution, we never held 16 million and it didn’t really exist because people would stop automatically printing other Pie tokens.

We have decided this update is in the mutual interest so that there are no more questions to confuse a lot of people.

We will hold Swap and replace new smart contracts in Q2, to be precise at the beginning of April.

We will swap manually and it is our decision.
Right now we are just focused on waiting for our farm events to end next month, so it’s easier to have them swap their produce manually.

We will provide more updates about our new smart contract address as well as a special wallet address for swap where people can send Pie tokens with old smart contracts to that wallet address.

Swap Requirements :

  • Minimum swap is 1,000 Pie tokens
  • Maximum swap is 100,000 Pie tokens
  • Anyone who sends below 1,000 Pie tokens to the Swap wallet address will be considered a donation
  • Swap new contracts at 1: 1 ratio

We hope that everyone reads about the terms we wrote and decided upon above, so that no more questions confuse everyone.
Everyone will see our new smart contract with a supply of 5 million Pie tokens.

The other latest news is that we are going to have a farm that supports the Trustwallet wallet so that people can follow our farm.
In addition, we will also gradually release Pieswap with a trial phase in Q2, as well as announce other new exchanges for Pie tokens.

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