Swap Pie Network — New Smart Contract Migration

As we have announced that we have successfully migrated our new smart contract, so people can swap Pie tokens on the old contract with the new one.

We will provide complete information in this article how to swap a new Pie ​​token contract.

Before doing a swap, make sure your wallet has a minimum of 1000 pie tokens. As we announced in the previous article, people can swap at least 1000 Pie tokens.

If people send that less than 1000 Pie tokens then we will treat it as a donation and make sure you read this article before swapping.

For convenience and safety we will do this manually where the
swap ratio is 1: 1

You can send Pie tokens with the old contract to the wallet address below.


Note: The minimum swap is 1000 Pie tokens, and if you send below that we will treat it as a donation or burn it in the future.

You will get Pie token with a new contract at your wallet address.
The swap process may take 1 to 3 days, so everyone can swap on the 5th of April and this swap event will end in Q4.

People who are still doing farms that are currently still running don’t have to worry about this event, as we allow up to Q4 to swap and migrate to new contracts.

Hold your Pie token!

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